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Project development

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Wednesday, 13 May 2009 14:26


First Visit
- Visit places, Diagnostic of the disorders

- Establishment of the schedule of requirements

- Study of the documents given by the customer, checking of the dimensions

- Establishment of the plans of the existing state in a summary way, to allow a study of the project

At the time of our first meeting on the spot, we establish together the various elements to be studied, we give a progress report on your desires of colours and  atmospheres , on the constraints of your project (furniture to preserve, circulations, lighting…)

We send an estimate to you and await your answer to begin the study

A titre indicatif : Honoraires au forfait, 900 € HT par pièce (montant non contractuel, à établir selon votre espace et votre cahier des charges)

As an indication : Fees with the fixed price, 900 € exclusive of VAT per room
(non-contractual amount, to be established according to your space and your schedule of requirements)
If the study is not very important, we apply a time rate of 100 € exclusive of VAT.

Tariff except travelling expenses

Second visit
Your project is studied as a whole, we present it to you on screen, with for fee of a minimum of 150 € exclusive of VAT.


Our study allures you and you validate our concept, we give you a complete file, with dimensions allowing the realization of the building site, as well as a prospect in which you can walk virtually, for better visualizing the project.

The estimation of the project
We consult our craftsmen, our interior designers explain your project to them,
we modulate our design according to the technical constraints of each one,
they establish the budget (Either on photograph when it is possible, or after a visit of your interior.)

This financial amount of work is not final, by preserving of course our concept.

We adapt the project to Your budget, We organize the visits of the craftsmen and the planning of work.

You wish to work with craftsmen that you know, we adapt.

You prefer to undertake the project by yourself, our plans give you all the necessary information
(References of colour, choice of fabrics, materials…).


The follow-up of building site

Our interior designers ensure the monitoring of the building site, we take care thus of a realization of your project in perfect agreement with our concept, and the established plans


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